The Centre recognises that national security management requires integrated thinking and coordinated application of the political, military, diplomatic, scientific and technological resources of the State to protect and promote national security goals and objectives. For economic development, a peaceful regional and international environment is essential. Keeping this imperative in view, the Centre’s objectives and role are as follows:-

a) Promote the study of India’s internal and international security environment, develop a body of informed opinion on security issues, and for this have an interface with other credible organisations engaged in similar activities within and outside India.

b) Bring out a quarterly Journal called Chanakya based on contributions from top experts in the field of Strategy and Security and circulate it among the policy makers for their information. The copies of the journals will also be sent to important opinion makers.

c) Promote research on regional affairs in India’s neighbouring countries. For this purpose the Centre’s regional research wing, in association with Panjab University’s department of National Security and Defence Studies, with which the Centre has a close working relationship, will assign selected topics to the students pursuing Ph D and M Phil courses. Similar arrangements would be made with other universities.

d) Arrange conferences, seminars and workshops for informed debates on security and strategic issues and share the output with the public policy leadership.

e) Establish public diplomacy with countries of strategic interest for India and help ADS in awarding scholarship seats for students from there.

f) Help design and run orientation courses for professionals working for the country’s security establishment with assistance from the Department of National Security and Defence Studies, Panjab University Chandigarh and any other similar university which the CCSS is able to reach in the coming months.

g) Plan and conduct courses and modules for spreading awareness on national security in educational institutions at various levels.

h) Publish books, periodicals and study papers on subjects pertaining to national security and disseminate them to the policy makers.